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Mates That Matter, men’s social group in Sydney, all male, NDIS-friendly community and social (events) program. Join us for events and connect with like-minded individuals today!

Who We Are

Our Story

After being forced into Covid Lockdown in 2020 we realised more than ever the importance of having good quality mates. We wanted to be the change that provides community to those who struggle to find theirs. 

We pride our success on the fact that we genuinely are just a group of mates who hang out. We hang out away from events, game together online and we are always excited for new mates to join our tribe.

Our Mission

MTM Mission Statement

Mates That Matter (MTM), is a Sydney-based, all-male, NDIS-friendly community and social (events) program. Designed to inspire reasons to get out of the house. We are the tribe of men who have struggled to find theirs.

The MTM Experience

Step into an exciting and organised social life. Let us take the hassle out of socialising by organising and planning it for you. We put on events so you can focus on having fun and connecting with the mates around you.

Ready for a fresh start? Join our flexible events roster and choose your level of involvement. Enjoy a positive and uplifting social experience tailored to your personal goals.

Enhance your social skills at your own pace with our neurodivergent-friendly program. Enjoy consistent in-person and online practice in a supportive environment, benefiting all areas of your life.

Join our neurodivergent-friendly community. Whether you're experienced or just starting, we help you build lasting friendships and enjoy meaningful social experiences.

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